Miriam Grottanelli de Santi
Half British half Italian, she grew up in Siena, studied in Cambridge, UK, lived and worked in Paris, Prague, Florence and Rome before deciding that Siena was by far the best place to live and came back to set up a school that would give a complete and balanced social and academic experience to American undergrads.
Administrative Assistants
Roberto Fineschi: Program Coordinator
A Native of Siena, Roberto has travelled extensivily, but has chosen to make Siena his home. He has lived in Siena, Berlin, and Palermo where he received his PhD in Philosophy. Roberto has been working for the Siena School since 2004 teaching: Italian, History, Philosophy, Literature, and Political Science. In addition to his teaching schedule he is our Academic Coordinator and works with students, faculty, and staff in our academic programming. Roberto loves culture in all of its aspects. 
Anya Maslack: Student Coordinator
A 2007 alumna of the Siena School, Anya graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 2008 with a degree in Anthropology and promptly returned to Siena, where she is becoming more and more Italian every day. She assists in our application process, host-families and student visas as well as the on-staff coordinator for the Education track. She is a great on-sight & stateside resource for students and parents.
Chiara Ricchi: Program Assistant
Chiara got her MA in Political Science in 2008 from Università degli Studi di Siena. Several experiences of study and work abroad fostered her passion for languages and cultures. After her graduation she decided to settle in Siena, the city she fell in love with and were she always finds something magic. She loves reading fiction and hiking “under the Tuscan sun”. She works for the Siena School as the Program Assistant. 
Christine Brown: Deaf Studies Coordinator
A California native, Christine studied at Mount Holyoke College and Gallaudet University. She splits her time between our office in Siena and promotional visits in North America.  Energetic and enthusiastic, Christine is a great resource in connecting our students to the local Deaf community as she connects our programs to Deaf Studies resources in Italy and abroad.


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